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White River 50 Mile Volunteering!

This weekend was one of Washington’s most popular, and likely hardest, running races.  The White River 50 miler. I volunteered with my running store to help with one of the aid stations. It was the aid station at Corral Pass which was at mile 17.

Friday afternoon I went along with running store owner to the Crystal Mountain resort area to where the race check in area is and pick up 100 gallons of water to haul to our aid station. We had some chill time and unfortunately I had to pick up a few work emails and such, but we had some fun time and also had a good time at the pre-race pasta dinner.  Then we headed up to our aid station. Corral Pass is at about 5800′ elevation way back in the woods.  There was NO service there. It was fun to be off grid! We got our tents out and set them up:


My little tent. Its great but was a bit chilly!



It was a pretty night out which meant it got cold!! My toes froze! It was a short night because I kept waking up every couple hours and whatnot. ugh. oh well.

Saturday – race day!

Got up and we got all of our stuff set up and got the food/water ready. Here’s what it looked like:


Nice little tent and water area set up. it worked out really well!  We got our first runner at 8:36 am. Early! but we had fun getting everyones bottles/packs filled with water or GU Brew and making sure people were hydrated properly. it was early but the sun was out and we knew it was going to be hot! If we had concerns we hit up the main guy with our concerns and he addressed them! It was a good time! We had to wait until the sweepers came through and we could verify we got all the runners though. While waiting we went for a little walk down the trail (Where the runners came up) and  took some pictures!


the trail!


a peek at the mountain!!

It was a beautiful day up here in the mountains!!

Then heading down the mountain on our way to the start/finish I got this nice shot:



You can even see a bit of the road and this was the good part. It was fun! haha. I was not driving but totally wishing for my old jeep!

We hung out at the finish line for a bit and missed the winner (6:16 for 50 HILLY miles – INSANE!!) We saw quite a few other other leaders finish and I helped get the food ready to go for the hungry runners! After that we headed back to home. I took a nice shower and the hubs and I headed out for dinner:



Nothing beats only eating a protein bar and some fruit for the day like Chipotle! Then we headed over to our friends house and hung out a bit.


Great end to a fun day and really inpsiring to see so many great runners achieve the goal of running 50 miles!


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  1. Oh my gosh this is GORGEOUS!!! That's so nice of you to go volunteer all hard core like in a tent with the freezing cold! I am impressed. But you didn't run back like they were advertising? Will you do that race ever?? 🙂

  2. Oooo you got a peak at the top of the mountain! It was cloudy the whole time we were there, sometimes we couldn't even see ANY of it. Crazy. What a fun time! I signed up to volunteer for a trail race in a few weeks, I can't wait. It's 50K/marathon/half.

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