Today started with a puke-tastic workout! Yes you read that correct! Keep reading to find out the end result!

The awesome Carissa (and Kyle) from Fit2Flex have started a new challenge! This one is ThrowDown Thursday! (#throwdownthursday on twitter) I did one of their previous challenges earlier this year and it kicked my tail!
So here is today’s workout:

Source: via Karla on Pinterest


Yeahhhh. It may look easy but I am still shaking!
Yesterday I did legs but went ahead today and did this. I did the squats first. 70 pounds on the 20# bar. I had to do one or two sprints in between. I can’t remember.

Next came leg press:


Woot for strong legs! I could only do 10 at a time so that is 2 sprints. Now the first sprint I only did 6.5 mph on the tmill. It wasn’t bad so I cranked it up goths specified 7.0. I did it!!! That is really freaking exciting to me!! Leg press was 180# and felt good!

Next was chest press. I got 12 on the first and to 23 on the second set. I used 22.5# dumbbells. It was hard.

Lastly the reverse grip lag pull down. Geez that was hard!! I put it on 85# and had to break it into 3 segments so 2 more sprints!

At the end I threw in an extra sprint. The guy on the elliptical must have thought I was crazy. And to keep things simple I commandeered the handicapped tmill on the first floor. So shoot me. That last sprint 30s was hard! Then I stepped off and seriously thought I was going to puke! I took a sip of water and caught my breath. No puking today!

This is a great workout and I challenge you to give it a shot! See if you can break Carissa out of jail!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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