This week I had some time (hello Vacation!!) and was forced decided to Participate in Carissa’s Fit2Flex #ThrowDownThursday

I have done this a few weeks pior and it is definitely fun! although quite hard!!

As Carissa is training for a half marathon and trying to PR she created quite the evil fun workout this week. Speedwork is HARD. However it is good for you – like all that spinach you are supposed to eat! So here is this week’s workout:

Source: via Karla on Pinterest


Alright So… I normally do my speedwork on the track. But I am currently in DC visiting my sister.. So I had to just wing it. Rock creek park was supposedly about a mile away so I headed out to find it and then hope the trail there was decent for the intervals..

The journey there was a bit confusing but thankfully a nice biker helped me!

WarmUp: 1.36 mi – 15:35 time (some stoplights & streets..)

800 #1: 4:34 -9:24 mi avg pace! Exciting!!

Rest – I did the squats & push-ups. Hard stuff! 2:54 rest time

800 #2: only made it 0.38 mi in 3:36 at 9:22 pace. Got a side crap and just didn’t want to continue. Yeah I wimped.

Rest  – I did the squats & push-ups again. wow. 1:46 time rest (didn’t time the squats & push-ups)

400 #1: 2:09 8:25 pace – pretty quick! was a bit downhill.

Rest: walking .015 mi in 2:33

The run in the park was awesome! This is one of the reasons I LOVE Virginia in the fall!


800 #3: 4:42 9:21 pace pretty consistent!

Rest: 2 min walk. Was ready to be done!

400 #2: 2:20 9:40 pace -definitely feeling fatigued!!

Cooldown: 1.12 mi in 17 mins.

BOY. this was hard. My running mileage has not been super high so I struggled for a bit. However I finished as strong as I could. I did feel well when I finished.

I got a smoothie on my way back to the house so the cool down was long and slow. Here’s my summary pic:



My legs were definitely sore today. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow as well!

Thanks Carissa for a great workout!

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