Running!! Running!!

I went Running!!

Wednesday nights one of the local track groups has a workout. They have someone plan a specific workout and they have paces and all that jazz.  Its semi-structured but you find people your pace and run. Its not for the faint of heart. I have a friend who goes and we are planning on going every week we can. Make it a habit!

This week the scheduled workout was 4×1200. uh not on my puny running legs these days! My weekly JillFit workout had a 6x200m workout this week. I figured I would sub it in – they wouldn’t really care if I did my own workout.

This whole workout hinged on my groin muscle or whatever being healed! I have not really run on it in a week and half or done much of anything on it besides some walking. I started out with a solid 7 minute slow run/walk warm up. When I came around to do the first 200, I decided to go easy. Just run maybe half fast and see how the leg felt.

1. 1:05

Round 2 I decided I’d pick it up and see how things felt. 1:01 feeling better and time to hit it a bit harder.

3. 0:58

4. 1:00

5. 1:05 – getting a bit tired.

6. 0:59 -push!

Well the workout was technically 6×200, however I have been slacking this week a bit and decided to go for 2 more and see how I felt.

7. 0:58

8. 0:59

Clearly I had enough for two more solid intervals!!

The Leg status. Well the groin hurt at first, but other than that, it didn’t hurt at all. I never felt it pulling or even sore! HOORAY! The shins on the other hand were a bit sore. I am icing currently and will take tomorrow off for sure!

Then on the way home there was an amazing red sun! Here is everything together that sums up my awesome evening!!



Yep I wore my awesome Zensah compression sleeves to help with the shins/calves! It makes a difference!

Hope you had an awesome Wednesday too! How heading towards the weekend!!

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