So if you follow my Instagram or even my facebook, you may have noticed that the scenery changed last year!

This all started last (2013) Christmas when hubby was toying with the idea of applying for some other jobs. We prayed a lot about it and just decided that God would work it out if it was meant to be. No harm in applying. Well we knew one company would bite. And they did. He had an interview that went really well and then the offers. Well… that was another trying time. The new job was in a much more expensive place to live – Los Angeles- a place we were not thrilled with moving and so the money was going to be an issue. We calculated all the details and ended up doing a fair amount of negotiating and actually thought it wasn’t going to happen for a few weeks. Then one night we got a call with what we had needed. It was kind of a shock because all of this was partially on a whim, but also serious! Once we accepted the position, things ended up moving really fast. We moved in about 3 weeks!!
Thankfully I had some amazing friends who came over and helped me pack and get rid of extra items. We had movers, but they were only to pack ‘breakable’ items. SOOO that means we had to pack the rest. It seemed intimidating at first, but one of my dear friends helped me go through room by room packing. In the process, we discovered that Hannah is deathly afraid of the noise packing tape makes!! She screamed like crazy!!
We had movers come the first week in April. Here is proof:
Oh yes and should I mention they took FOREVER. There were 4 guys. We had a 3 bedroom townhouse but really only about 2 bedrooms worth of ‘stuff’ you could say. It took them half the day to pack the fragile stuff and then close to 8 hours to load the truck! I was floored at how slow it was. When we moved to Seattle 5 years prior it was about 3x faster. Also having a 9 month old baby with strangers in your house packing everything is NOT easy. Thankfully my good friend who lived 5 mins away came and got her and took her for the afternoon. She was able to nap there and it allowed us to finish the packing AND as they emptied rooms, I cleaned each room so it was done by the time THEY were done.
We stayed that night in a hotel and then had a flight the next afternoon to LAX! I got to have coffee in the morning with a friend and then we had arranged for our cars to get picked up with a hauler and we headed out! We had quite a bit of luggage, but were allowed to pack some items in the cars which helped a TON!!!
My last picture of Seattle as we were leaving:
It really was bitter sweet. I definitely cried. We were there for 5 years. It may not seem like a lot, but when you consider 4 years of college then 2 years of grad school then another 1.5 years of work all in different places, this was the longest we had lived in a place in quite awhile! We made some amazing friends.
And here we are being ‘Welcomed’ to Los Angeles:
I also took these two pictures. Our last Seattle set and first one in Los Angeles.  It reminded me that God is still there and his beauty is there no matter where we are.
We did not have time for a house hunting trip or anything, and the company graciously (?) offered temporary housing for us for one month. We had been looking at properties to rent, but when you don’t know the area and things are as big as LA, you don’t sign up in advance! Once we got settled in the temporary housing we hit the ground running trying to find a place to live.  We were told by a few friends things go fast- BOY that is an understatement here! We also found out that finding exactly what you want is not possible so if you find something with 70-80% of what you need, then your best bet is to snatch it up.
We looked for I think 3-4 days and came to an open house. The place was decent enough and had the ONE thing we really needed – washer and dryer hook-ups. The price was more than fair so we ended up signing a lease that day. However, it was still early April and the apartment wasn’t going to be ready until the first of May!! EEK. So that meant the full month in the temporary housing.
We finally got to move in May and boy is it nice to see your stuff again!
 And yes in case you are wondering, we happen to live about 5 minutes from here:
Have you ever made a ‘big move’? Share in the comments!


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