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Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks

Two more weeks have gone by!! Baby girl is growing!! I definitely feel her a lot more!

Life has been pretty crazy busy still! I have been keeping up my exercising and trying to keep everything else up to date!

25 weeks picture:



One of the things I have really noticed is the pelvic tilt! I have always had one, but it has gotten a lot worse! I am still working on abs and might do some pelvic exercises. Any Tips???

This week I hit the gym in my new Old Navy bubble tank! I got the pants from Marshalls.



I did some rowing machine to warm up, did upper body weights, and then 10 mins on the stairmill.  10 minutes may not seem like much, but when it comes to the stairmill, its hard work!!



I also got this super cute tee at Old Navy for $7!!! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to wear it!! It got chilly again here!

Here is last week’s workout picture – 24 weeks:



I have been mostly doing upper body weights after some issues with lower body but hoping to start back soon on some easy leg workouts!

Now for the typical analysis:

Food: Mostly doing better. I can eat more, but have to eat smaller meals. I found out the hard way that over eating is quite painful when baby girl kicks a stomach FULL of food. OUCH! I still have some smell sensitivity and am still leery of most meat. haha. I am ok with beef.

Energy: I am doing alright and can still get a good workout in, but with work, by the end of the week I am TOAST. By Friday’s I have been haing issues just making it through the day. Weekends have been a lot of resting. This is ok, but I do have stuff I want to do, that sometimes I feel like I don’t have energy for.  I am actually sleeping pretty well at this point. I get up several times a night of course, but Its not bad.

Movement: baby girl is expanding in her area and I feel it up almost to my ribs all the way down! It is kind of crazy! Sometimes she has spurts of a lot of movement. She really LOVES music! She moves a lot during church which to me is awesome feeling.

Weight: I have single digit weight gain so far. I feel pretty good and don’t feel the extra pounds too much yet!

Belly Button: Definitely still an Innie! Its not there yet, but stretching!!

Registry: I finally got a registry sorted!!!

Countdown: 16 weeks! AHHHH!

Pregnancy Update: 23 weeks

Wow I am not great at these!

23 weeks already!!

I definitely officially LOOK pregnant and feel it more these days! Baby Girl is quite active and multiple times a day and at night I can feel her moving and kicking!

Life has been pretty busy with work, but I have been doing some exercise still – the best I can with the schedule of work. I am still traveling quite a bit to get in a few last trips before I have to stop flying the friendly skies!

Current Picture:


(hubby wanted the funny face!)

And a few activities over the last few weeks:


Some tread mill time at the hotel one morning! I also did some weights!


Still rocking the gym as much as I can! You can see some of the growth here of baby girl!


There was fro-yo in the MSP airport! seriously?! It was pretty awesome!

Lastly with all the Travel, the Compression socks and #legsupthewall have been making quite a few appearances!


This has been a major major help to how I have been feeling after flying and any time in the car!

Now for the common questions:

Food: I think this is getting better, but I am just sensitive to food in general. I am trying my best and have hit more veggies in the last few weeks than I was before! Slowly gaining ground on the meat eating!

Energy: To me Its not 100%, but I presume this is as good as it is going to get for now! I can do pretty well most days, but definitely need to be in bed by 9 to be functional the next day. If work is busy, by Friday noon, I am practically toast. Not even worth being at the office I would say. The weekends, have been major recovery time for me and we are doing some cleaning and whatnot but nothing very crazy or active. I have done some light walking on the weekends, but no gym time.

Name: We do not have a name. It is utterly crazy and confusing. and when we do figure it out, we will not be sharing. sorry!

Countdown – 18 weeks left?! So crazy how fast time flies!


Wow! I am finally making another week of InstaFriday!

To say things have been BUSY is an understatement!! However we are doing well! Just chugging along!!

Let’s get this Friday Party started!! Linking up with Life Rearranged!


life rearranged



I have been making bread recently. Yes I cheat and use my bread machine. However it is still good. I know EVERY ingredient that goes inside and I can pronounce it all! Plus this is amazing for sandwiches, but mostly toast. a small piece of toast with some eggs. yum.



I have a new serious addiction to strawberries, kiwi, and string cheese. They have been a lunch staple lately.



I am still doing my best to hit the gym as much as possible! Monday I did 25 min Metabolic effect weights (Metabolic effect program) and then 12 mins on the stair mill. Then I hit up 2:00 worth of planks! One of the best ab exercises and I can still do them on my elbows, but likely will move to hands soon. If you are looking for a good quality workout – the stairmill will do it for you! wow that thing is killer!!



Being hydrated is one of the most important things while you are pregnant! I already drink upwards of 60-90oz water a day, but sometimes I still feel lacking. I have started having a bottle of nuun in the afternoon. It takes away some of the boredom of water.



This week I have been focused on eating and cooking at HOME! It is hard sometimes, but this is one of our favorite meals I dug out. Its a sausage bake with swiss cheese and tomatoes. Very simple, but very good!! I got the recipe through our Emeals subscription!



In addition to cooking at home, also bringing my lunch has been happening!!  The aforementioned strawberries and kiwi and string cheese.  In addition to homemade bread sandwiches and some carrots.  Trying to keep it healthy! This also takes me some time to consume these days. haha. However very filling!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram – join me – @runoneaglewings

Happy Friday!!

Pregnancy Update: 20 weeks & Gender Reveal!

Howdy! Been a few weeks since I last updated!

The last few weeks have been BUSY! To Recap:

I really started to show more the last few weeks. It has kind of happened pretty fast! you can check my Instagram feed for the pictures!

The other thing is that I started to feel baby movement! It started literally the day I hit 18 weeks! It first just felt like a flick or something. Over the last couple weeks, it has gotten a bit more frequent. It is kind of fun! It is not hard enough yet to feel from the outside.

I have still been exercising quite a bit. I have been lifting 2-3x a week and doing some cardio othrwise.  Typically 10-30 mins of the stairmill, walking, elliptical, running, etc. yesterday the weather here was decent for a bit! Hubby and I headed out on a 4 mile walk on the trail near our house!



Here is the standard side picture!



I am still wearing regular jeans! Woo! My kahkis don’t fit anymore but these jeans can still fit for now! Most of my shirts are materntiy shirts or baggier regular shirts as they are much more comfy. I’ll try to do a review on some of my favorite finds so far!

On Friday we had our anatomy scan! It was pretty cool! We elected to find out the gender:



This time around its a GIRL!!  She is quite an active little bug! She was all over during the scan and we had a hard time getting the gender!

We are very excited and have started planning a few things, but not a ton. We are going to keep it simple for the time being!

However in my excursion to Target this weekend I came across this gem:



Hello?! who wouldn’t buy something with a rocket on it?! This is pretty much baby Girl’s First piece of clothing we purchased knowing it was a girl! HA!

Now for the other things:

Nausea- Enh its mostly gone. I have had a couple bouts of some nausea for a bit. However thankfully I feel like this is mostly behind me!

Food – Yeah.. I have food issues.  Lol. This is nothing new to me. I have more aversions than cravings. So far things like the smell of McDonalds Breakfast food makes me almost hurl. Thinks like chicken and broccoli are very unappetizing. I am ok with beef.

Energy – For the most part I am doing fine. I can usually handle my 5am wake up to hit the gym and then up until about 8pm with a full day of work. However too many days of this in a row and I am quite toast! I have been sleeping pretty well so far. I wake up a few times to hit the loo, but other than that its not terrible yet.

Weight – I am not really concerned. At my appointment Friday I finally got back above my starting weight.  I gained maybe a bit more than is expected, but since I had very little gain so far, it doesnt seem like a big deal. Also, I had to hit the scale the day after flying. So I was possibly still retaining a lot of water.

Overall though I am doing well! Halfway through (Crazy!!!) with a healthy baby girl! Due date is still June 30!



Pregnancy Update: 16 weeks

Last week was 16! It is crazy how it is already 4 months!

I’ll Update the usual questions:

Nausea: for the most part this is mostly gone. I have still had a couple of days where it appears – especially in the afternoon/evenings. Overall though I definitely do not have as much of this!

Food: I am still having some issues with food. It is hard to eat a lot of things – especially chicken! Veggies are not easy either unfortunately. I have been trying to stick to pretty simple bland foods and that has helped.

Energy: This is a hard one. it has come back I would say to some extent but not entirely! I have been going to the gym more and even ran this past week! However when I have a full day, I am pretty much asleep by 8:30 pm.  That is without a nap, as its not really possible at work! I can make it through the days better, but pretty much crash by the time I get home. I do feel a lot better when I workout!

A little break for my 15 week picture:



Fitness: As you can see I have been at the gym! If you follow my instagram or twitter It has gotten more frequent! The past two weeks I have worked out 4x (I think!) each week!  A few mornings at the gym and an evening of running! I am doing weight lifting and light-medium cardio in the morning and hoping to get back to my run group at least 1 night per week!

Weight: I don’t know! I don’t use my scale at home and I am not worried about it right now. I do have to say thought that my jeans have been feeling baggy (in the legs) not the waist obviously!

And the 16 weeks picture:


The bump is growing! I feel like its gotten a bit bigger even just this last week! It hard because depending on what I wear I can look pregnant or just chubby!

So far things are going well though! Just chugging along! Keeping it healthy and real!

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