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Friday!! Its been a long week but a good one! Made some serious progress at home and also having fun with a couple of projects!

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There is a local drag strip that has a mini road coarse for racing. Hubs met someone that was racing last weekend so we went out there to wawtch a few races. It was pretty awesome! I love racing. There were not many people there but it was fun! 



Every so often we make sushi (California Rolls) instead of going out. It gets so expensive. But this is more than enough for our meal! We end up with some leftovers! Its really good! We use this:

Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit



I found this recipe on Pinterest. I’ll post deets next week. It’s essentially marinated Tomatoes. Its awesome on a bit of sourdough. Great for summer! I can’t wait to make it again!



Last weekend we made waffles. It makes a lot so I freeze the leftovers. I had one for breakfast with a bit of peanut butter and banana. Makes a good hearty breakfast! Yes that is a bit of sugar free syrup on top! So yummy!!



Things are coming together for the baby! A friend is making us a changing table and it has a couple drawers. I picked out knobs for it today! So excited about these! not quite glass fancy ones from Anthropologie, but close enough from Lowes! (here)

It has been a good week! I’m going to post some updates next week! Also have a bit weekend with a baby shower coming up! Should be fun!

Have a good weekend!!


Another week and I did better this week at my instagram!

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So let’s see what this week was about!



Starbucks Birthday Drink! Monday was a slow day and I needed a little pick me up.  I almost didn’t get it thanks to a girl who couldn’t work the computer..



Ahh.  I found this incredible fabric! I made something to be shown next week. I’m debating if I like it or not.. We will see. I’m still toying with the idea of ripping it out and changing it up. But the fabric is AWESOME. Also I made a sunnies case out of it. I MAY find more and find something else to sew with it!



This is one of our favorite summer meals. This is zucchini lasagna which means I used sliced zucchini instead of pasta. Yes lots of cheese, but its amazing and just as good reheated. Normally you can make a 9×13, but I halved it to make a 9×9. Less leftovers.



I Hit the gym one morning this week. Yeah thats all. 🙁 Really got some exhaustion this week. But I made a good upper body workout and a few mins on the elliptical. It felt awesome. Today (friday) instead of the gym, I did about 2 hours of cleaning at the house. Just about as much of a workout!



We had a chipotle lunch date this week. It was amazing. No I couldn’t eat the whole burrito. We used to do lunch dates when we were dating. It is so fun! Sometimes more fun than dinner dates! Just gives you a great break in your day!



After my cleaning party this morning, the sun came out for a bit so I hit up starbucks for a frapp. No it wasn’t really warm enough for an icy drink but it was definitely enjoyed as I perused Joann’s! Had to get out of the house to do something!

That is all Friends! Hope you have a great holiday weekend and say thanks and prayers for those families who have sacrified so much for the rest of us!


Whew I guess I failed at blogging this week! Oops!!

It has actually been a very productive week! I have some great projects I have done and am excited to share them coming up!

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This weekend I spent some time planning out the quilt I’m going to make for baby girl. Yes you read that correct. Yes I realize I am 33 weeks prego and planning on making a quilt. However its going to be AWESOME. However trying to sort out the material to buy was a bit daunting! I pulled out my trust TI-89 to help a girl out. Best.calculator.ever.



I hit the gym a couple days this week! This was after my shoulders workout. These tanks are great for upper body workouts! Tank is from Old Navy. Check out baby girl! Looks semi normal from the front then the side view is a bit different!!



Yesterday I got on a sewing kick and finished one project and then started and finished this one. Its a present for a special little girl who is a friend of my bff. Her mom has some serious medical issues so shes getting a little extra special treatment! I’ll post the details soon! However I am SUPER excited with how this turned out!



Today I hit the gym again. Leg workouts are getting a bit harder, but some modifications and using the machine really helps.  Did 2 circuits and had a good time! Yes the finisher was 10 burpees. no lie. Those suckers are hard, but seriously good for you!

I know I have been slacking on the instagram pics as of late! In the middle of a cleaning mess at my house to try and get organized and I’m not photographing it! lol.

Have a great Friday!!



Spring/summer has arrived for now in the PNW! It has been a beautiful couple of weeks and I have been enjoying it!!

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I have been slacking with my Instagram picts but I have a few!



YES this has seriously been our weather! word! up in the 70s and sunny and even up to 80!! So fabulous. I did have to go buy some shorts!!! 



Yes and this is beautiful Seattle looking at the Olympic mountains. Seriously this is what it has looked like here! Don’t you want to move here?! ha! 



Hello Frappuccino! If you missed it this week is half price rom 3-5pm. I have been twice already! Sooo yummy!! My Fav is the Mocha Cookie Crumble! 



Even though its warm out, I have still hit the gym! Its almost better than being out in the heat! DId some upper body weights this week and elliptical! Definitely getting looks in the gym! its pretty hilarious to be honest!



With all the heat, it is so nice to have something cool in the evening! This is NOT ice cream! Its banana cream with a couple strawberries and chocolate sauce! Yes seriously! It is sooo yummy!


After bible study at church on Wednesday I was feeling a bit hungry and it was hot. I wanted some strawberries and skinny cows. Bananas are always a must and they had angel food cake right by the door! Those crazy stores! It is so yummy and really I could have picked more unhealthy options!

Now its a sunny relaxing Friday! Hubs comes home tonight from a short business trip and so we are hoping to have a fun relaxed weekend!

Have a great Friday & weekend!


Two Instagram posts from me this week! crazy!!

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Let’s get this party started!



Not Instagram, but Monday night we went to a concert. It was the Local Natives at the Neptune. It was a pretty good show. Minus the person who smoked weed for a short time until security found them. Seriously.



We have been doing pretty well with cooking lately. This week was one of our favs – Meatloaf! It’s not just boring meatloaf its got lots of flavor and even bacon on top! How can you go wrong?! And a side of sauteed green beans!



It has been another mostly sunny week! I hit the gym a bit earlier yesterday and got a great upper body workout in. Then I hit the stairmill for a few minutes to get some cardio burn in! Felt great and feels even better when you walk out and its sunny and warmish!



There are a bunch of museums in Seattle. The Museum of Flight is super popular.  The first Thursday of every month a bunch of these attractions are free for the evening. We have known about this for over a year. Last night was the first time we actually went! AND it was Space Day at the museum so they had some extra speakers and displays around. It was pretty cool – but a bit crowded! We didn’t go through the whole museum. We’ll go back another free night!

It is supposed to be another super sunny weekend here and even getting up into the upper 70s! Gasp! I am not sure what to do!! We are watching a couple of kiddos for the weekend so we will have our hands full with a new adventure! Should be fun! Have a great weekend!


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