Yesterday the rain started. Our 80 days of no rain summer has come to a quick end. 🙁 Although I am glad to see the rain. It has been WAY too dry here! So now its about 55/60 degrees and raining!

Last night we hung out with some friends and got home pretty late. I slept in and needed the rest after a long week on the road.. (sorry for being MIA)

But I eventually got myself up and headed to the gym. On tap: a Shoulders & Stairs workout.

Some awesome shoulder lifting and then running the stairs. However the gym was king of crowded, so I subbed burpees for running up stairs. Yes I did.



Before weights and after.

Today I finally got up the nerve to wear my Zensah Tank & Running bra.
I got these a few months ago when I went to a Zensah tweet up in Seattle. I have to say my first wear is LOVE. Seriously beyond comfortable! The tank and bra never moved. I had full range of motion and didn’t worry about anything! Plus the bright pink is really fun!!

Next – yes the gym wasn’t my only stop – I headed to the track!!

The goal was 6x200m with 200 in between.  I did about a lap warm up but was still warm from the gym. Then hit the sprints as hard as I could:

1- 0:56






Seriously! I am sooo excited!! Remember about a month ago when I did about the same workout?!  I took 3-4 seconds off my time!


Oh I guess I should mention it was RAINING while I did my sprints! ha. It felt awesome to be out there working out so hard and No I did not get cold. It was about 55 degrees and when you run thats toasty!

The rest of the day has been working playing online and watching football!



Have a great Saturday and stay warm!!



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