Wow! Time flies! 9 months pregnant! Onto the 10th month that no one really tells you about! (all because of how they count the weeks!)

Not too much to update but definitely getting a bit bigger!


35 weeks.

Saw the doctor since I am going weekly now and he said that baby girl has moved ‘out’ a bit. Not a bad thing, shes just shifted her position.


Then we have 36 weeks! I think its about the same! I can’t really tell anymore!

So the usual updates on the hot topics!

Food: Nothing new here. I have days I’m not as hungry and days I’m starving. Its odd, but doing alright. No new cravings or aversions that I can recall!

Sleeping: This has been up and down. I had a few nights I was having major issues staying asleep, but then a few nights I have been sleeping more soundly. I’m very thankful for those nights! I am trying to get to bed a bit earlier and that is helping me get up earlier than 9am! Oops! But its all good! I am enjoying the rest!

Energy: Still going down a bit. I have pushed it a few days but this is definitely way down.

Exercise: Minimal. I ended up just being tired and chilling recently. Not much to report in the way of the Gym. Doing cleaning and other things – walking around stores etc is my exercise these days. Maybe I’ll get back to it, but I am not forcing it.

Baby Movement: She is still moving quite a bit! Getting lots of punches on my right hip bone and kicks and pushes up top!

Belly Button: pretty flat ish. I guess I have a strange belly button!

Wedding Rings: ON

Weight: up 2 more pounds – 1 pound/week which is healthy!

Countdown: 4 weeks or so?! who knows!!

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