Wow time is flying!! Already at 34 weeks! Less than 3 weeks to full term! My oh my how time flies!!

The last two weeks have been about the same! But here’s the picts!



33 weeks! The shirt might hide a bit, but definitely getting a good real bump!



Still hitting the gym! Definitely getting the looks these days there! I went I think 2-3 times each week the last couple weeks. Its about all I can manage right now. Definitely getting more tired! Last week I did a shoulders and legs workout. Then some cardio.



These pictures are fun to me! Just hanging out with the baby girl!



And onto 34 weeks! Boy oh boy! you can really see it better here! haha.

And just for fun, I did a comparison shot for you:



You tell me – Do you see a difference?? Maybe a little one??

Updates on the usual…

Food: This is getting harder. I can’t eat near as much at a time, and have to be really careful about eating before bed. The heartburn has gotten pretty bad a few times. One thing I have found is that protein shakes do really well.  They digest faster I guess and so don’t cause as many issues.  Not really any cravings for the most part!

Sleeping: This is maybe getting a little worse. It is harder to get to sleep sometimes (due to heartburn) but then I have been able to sleep only getting up 1 or 2 times a night. I have to admit that I have been sleeping in quite a bit – as in till like 9am! Sometimes I’m not getting to sleep until midnight and so to get about 8 hours of sleep, I end up sleeping until 9. Kind of an odd schedule but its working out.

Energy: This has definitely gone down hill. I do not have near as much energy – see also the sleep above! Also seen in not getting to the gym as much. If I do a lot one day, I really have to take it easy the next day. It has only been a bummer a few times, but I am trying to enjoy the relaxing time!

Baby Movement: This little girl might be some sort of soccer player! She is always kicking pretty hard. She has favored the right side for kicking. Definitely painful a few times!

Belly Button: Sill IN!

Wedding Rings: ON!

Weight: about 14-15 pounds. Doc said this last week that I am just fine and he’s not worried at all.

Countdown: 6 weeks. What?! That is no time at all! Crap! Gotta scram to get a few things done!! hehe.

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