Wow! Time seriously Flies! I am at 32 weeks and now going to the doc every 2 weeks! So insane in my mind how fast time flies! I know it will go faster when baby girl is here!



I will show you 31 first! Definitely starting to pop out! Its been a good few weeks. My pregnancy clothes definitely fit for real now! Not much else fits!



Last Saturday I met up with a bunch of local running girls and we went for a run/walk on Alki and then Nicole and I had to take a fun bump picture! (thanks for the pic!) She is about 2 weeks behind me! Kind of a big size difference I think!



With all the hot weather I decided I needed to get a few more things to make it through to the end. I picked up these great shorts at Target for $20 and then snagged a few of the last maternity tanks at Old navy for $9 each. Its hard when you have to almost buy all new clothes for just 2 months of wear!



And 32 weeks! Feeling pretty good! Enjoying the nice weather!

Now for the usual updates:

Food: Not too many cravings still. I still have an aversion to Chicken and Broccoli much to hubbys disappointment! However these days I pretty much get heartburn from about anything I eat. It makes eating not as fun to be honest.

Energy: I would say this comes and goes. Some days I feel pretty good and others I struggle to do much. But I am not worried about it to be honest. I am trying to truly enjoy my time at home and the relaxing!

Movement: This girl is active! She moves a lot! She has definitely been pushing a lot harder. Not gotten too much of the ribs etc yet that is ultra painful but its enough to make you be like “OH”. haha. But As weird as it is, its definitely fun!

BellyButton: Still sorta in/flat!

Weight: 13 pounds. Definitely gained 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks, but it was likely necessary. However the same jeans i’ve been wearing all along still fit. The doc says I am measuring perfectly. I am not worried!

Countdown: 8 weeks! What? seriously? dude.

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