Wow time goes by SO fast!! This week is officially 30 weeks!

We’ll get started with this week’s picture and then recap some.



Definitely getting a lot bigger these days! Sorry for the sleepy picture. It was right before bed!

So to recap – back to 27 weeks – It was my next to last week at work. I still hit the gym:



As you can see not too bad! Still wearing my normal running shorts. The shirts are a bit harder to come by!

I tried to dress up a bit for work one day and it came out pretty cute!



Your typical work bathroom photo! However I see a lot of these around! This was the same day of my 27/28 week dr appt!

However that doctors appointment involved this:



The dreaded Glucose drink. Ok I followed the instructions. I drank it cold and someone told me to use a straw. Piece of cake. I chugged that whole bottle within 3 minutes (you have 5). It really wasn’t that bad. I also had to get a RhoGAM shot at this appt because I have -ve blood type. That puppy HURT. huge needle full of cold medicine. However good news is that I passed this with flying colors and also have normal Iron levels! All is good in baby girl world! (warning – as much sugar is in this thing it WILL give you quite the sugar crash a few hours later.)

The following week was my last week at work! You can read about my announcement here. I then headed home to VA to see my parents and have a baby shower! Here is the outfit I wore for the shower:



Definitely gotten bigger pretty quick here! Might be the dress too. Very comfy dress! I got it off Zulily!

And then the aftermath of having a baby shower in a different state is flying home with all the stuff (thanks frequent flyer status from work for free checked bags!) and having a pile that looks like this:



Yeah.. My first week at home involved sorting this mess and trying to make it into useful bins and condense it as much as possible! I feel successful about it now and its much more organized!

Coming back I had a lot more time and hit the gym a few times as well. Here is the 29 weeks:



Rockin out a fun new tank I found at Target which allows for the baby bump! I have really enjoyed spending more time at the gym lately!

Now for the random updates:

Food: No new cravings or anything. Been a bit hungrier lately so trying to make sure my intake is healthy!

Energy: I’m doing pretty well when I manage it properly. I have had a few days where I have seriously overdone the activity and pretty much pay for it the next day in just exhaustion. So I’m trying to balance things a bit better.

Movement: We have a gymnast on our hands. She loves to move around and push so far! She still has space so she is all over. The last few days the movement has really increased. its kind of strange!

Swelling: I had a bit when I went to VA because of the warmer temps and whatnot, but otherwise nothing to note. I am still wearing my rings!

Belly Button: innie/flat. It has not popped out yet. Looks quite strange but its still in-ish!

Weight: at the last appt for 28 weeks I have gained 9 pounds. I feel pretty good and don’t really notice the weight yet. Not feeling too off balance either.

Countdown: 10 weeks! eek! almost to single digits!

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