Alright Friends! I’m going to start of simple by rejoining Jeannette at LifeRearranged for Instafriday.

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Sunday was National Ice Cream day. I have been trying to not keep ice cream in the house. I would eat it wayyy too much in this heat! So we headed to the corner McDonalds for a little treat. I always get the hot fudge sundae and never eat the nuts. I prefer this over cones because you can enjoy it at a slower pace!!



A few weeks ago my friend Shannon posted a pic and in it her nails were this glorious shade of blue! This is by Color Club polish and it is part of the Birchbox Custom Collection. The color is Insta-this. (find it here) She got her’s through Birchbox and I was pretty bummed until I figured out you can just buy it straight! AND they have a sweet deal that a purchase over $10 is free shipping. So I got another polish as well. I’ll preview it when ready! For now I’m loving the blue!!



A friend of mine from Seattle came to visit family in LA for a wedding. They drove down. Her kids are the sweetest ever and so I made them a couple of blankets to take back in the car and use in Seattle where it is cooler. ย For her boy, I used this fun rocket/space print that I *think* glows in the dark! For her girl who is into all things Paris I found this awesome Paris print!! (both fabrics from JoAnn’s!) Both kids were thrilled and loved them!



I have been so lazy about the gym, but since we moved we finally got the gym childcare sorted out! So I have been trying my hardest to go 2-3x a week. Monday I did one of my Momsanity workouts at home so Wednesday I hit the gym. I did Chest and triceps and then some incline walking on the treadmill. I was all amped up about using the stair mill but they were all taken!! ๐Ÿ™ But it was still a good workout. After coming home and getting H down for her nap, I made my favorite smoothie! Almond milk, vanilla protein powder, frozen banana, spoon of peanut butter and a couple of ice cubes. Soo yummy!



So THIS has been our week. Yes #teethingsucks She had a tooth pop through this week. I thought OH well now it will get better. Its gotten WORSE. ๐Ÿ™ She is not doing the ear infection cry so I think its more teeth coming in. I hope its quick! This is no fun!



So that Oh so perfect manicure – yeahhhh. Apparently washing your car, doing dishes, unclogging a clogged toilet, and then deep cleaning the bathroom is not so good. I am going to see if not using the top coat helps. I feel like it made the polish layers hard and they chipped easier.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!


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