Another week has flown by and we are well into June! How crazy is that?! man I have no idea how we are like almost halfway through 2013!! Do you?

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life rearranged


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You know since Baby girl could come at ANY time we decided it was finally time to put up her bed. HA. Its so cute and exciting!!



Oh and get the changing table. However this is a custom made piece. Friend/Coworker of the hubs has a hobby of wood shop stuff. He has made a ton of their own furniture. They very kindly made this for me! We had to borrow a truck but went to pick it up this week! very excited!!!



I finally made it back to the gym this week for a workout. The weights took about 20 mins then I walked 1 mile on the tmill. ┬áMost boring thing EVER. but I got it done! I then proceeded to do a LOT more walking out with a friend shopping. haha. Guess that’s going to be the story of my life the next few weeks!



It has been sunny and warm all week here in Seattle! So beautiful! After having lunch downtown with a friend then getting stuck in traffic trying to get home, I stopped by McD for their 0.49 cone. Its not huge, but it totally hits the spot! YUM.



Had to return a couple baby items this week and so I traded them out for some clothes! This is in prep for hopefully the 4th of July! Provided she is born before then! its cutting it close! BUT its SO adorable! Love it!!!

Hope you had a great week!!

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