So I had big plans to show this before Hannah was born, but that clearly didn’t happen! So now I can just post a preview/recap all in one! So here we go:

My Bag:



1. The BAG: My LLBean Boat & Tote Bag (similar to this). I got this idea from Katie.

2. Warm Slippers – very handy for walking around the hospital in the middle of the night!

3. Toiletries – toothbrush, hair brush, hair bands, shampoo, face wash and some simple face cleansing cloths (easy and awesome!) These are essential if you want to shower before leaving the hospital.

4. Clothes! I took some capri sweats, a couple tshirts, nursing tank & bra, socks, underwear, and a sweatshirt (not shown). Flip flops for the shower.

5. Electronics and cables!

6. Baby clothes and a blanket because you can’t take anything from the hospital. Two outfits (just in case!)

Not Pictured: I took a cooler bag with some granola bars, diet coke and a few other things. I think there was some nuun in there.

I also ended up throwing in a change of clothes for Hubby incase he wanted to shower at the hosptial and not run home.


SOOO What was useful & what was not!

Well the bag was awesome and a good size. I didn’t need much more.  The slippers were great to use! I ended up taking a bath at the hospital before leaving so I was glad to have all my toiletries.  Also very helpful to have something to look clean when people come to visit! The sweatshirt I threw in was a lifesaver as it was raining (go figure) when we left the hosptial! I didn’t use the flip flops and ended up wearing a different pair TO the hospital. HA! Hubby didn’t need his clothes because he came home to shower. I never pulled out my kindle or my point and shoot camera. However the BEST thing I had was my 10ft iPhone cable! This allowed me to have my phone constantly plugged in while in the bed and never have to worry about charging!! We thankfully only used one set of baby clothes! We didn’t change her until we were ready to come home. The rest of the time we left her in the hospital tee.

To be honest, I feel that simple is best. I mean you may have a longer stay if you have a C section but we were literally at the hospital for 36 hours?! It was not long and I was too hyped to do anything! Hubby and my friend C did have books and that was great for them when things were slow.

I had plans to take my own pillow, but I ended up not doing it. I dont know why, but the hosptial had me with about 4 pillows in the bed so it was really not that bad.

So did you over or under pack for the hosptial? 

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