Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!!

We flew back to Seattle on New Year’s Eve so we did not really celebrate! I know party pooper!

On New Year’s day, we only had dinner plans with friends, so I hit the grocery store, worked on laundry and went on my first run in a few weeks!

Some of my usual running friends were hitting the trails for anywhere from 5-8 miles. Seems like a lot, but I know I could take it easy and fast hike. We hit the trails at 10 am. It was still only about 30 degrees! However there were no clouds and it was beautiful! We ended up running about 5 miles. My Garmin got paused for about 10 mins so its about .25 mi off. Here is the post-run picture!


I am sort of but not really showing! I still think I look pudgy! Currently at 14 weeks and I feel like I am getting my energy back!

As for the run, we definitely took it easy and I felt just fine. Had lots of water and a Gu. It felt great to be outside!

Today I have a little knee soreness, but I think it is from sleeping funny not running! And I am feeling pretty good!

This was an awesome way to kick off 2013!

How did you kick off 2013? 

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