Wow I am SO behind!

Hannah is doing great!

Hannah 6 Months:



Between 5 & 6 months I really started hitting hard some (not all) babywise principles. This made a huge difference especially in sleep. I started putting her down for naps awake. Keeping her feeding times and sleep times consistent (within 30 mins). It was a miracle! She settled down a lot. Most importantly she started sleeping through the night. I’m talking 8pm to 5am or so. Yes. truth. It was amazing. It was hit or miss at first but after about 2 weeks she was consistent.

We headed across the US to my parents for Christmas. We had a blast but it completely messed up the schedule! Oh well. She survived and we had a blast!


Wrapping paper was a hit- It all went straight to her mouth!  At Christmas we tried some food with her for the first time. She was less than impressed. I did not mash it very well and she gagged and did not have fun. oops. But once we got back home and got back into our routine she started eating more. Avocado, banana, applesauce, peas, sweet potato, butternut squash. She had no issues with any of the foods! I tried some blueberry/purple sweet potato puffs. Those she hates. go figure right?



She can roll over like a champ. Still not great at sitting up on her own. She will sleep back/side/belly however she wants usually!

6 month stats:

Weight: 14.5 lbs (25%)

Length: 25.5in (50%)

So she is pretty shrimpy! She dropped from 50% to 25% in weight. We think its because she dropped the night feeding. The doctor is not at all concerned. She was pleased with everything!

Hannah 7 months:


We continued the food, but it turns out Hannah has some very very sensitive skin. The food we had to back off on and cut back to bananas and baby oatmeal. She ended up with some pretty nasty rash. 🙁 It was beyond frustrating and nothing makes you feel more like a failure as a mom!

She is still sleeping through the night. We are still on about 3 naps/day. Two shorter ones in the AM and one longer one in the afternoon. She is starting to talk more and says ‘mama’ but I’m not sure she really knows what she is saying!

We did get a Jumperoo. WOW. Super fun and she has a Blast!!!!


This is the jumperoo we got: Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo  (affiliate link)

We have come a lot farther on sitting up now and she does great sitting on her own for a bit. She definitely still cries when she falls over!

Clothes – We are still in 6 month clothes! It all still fits pretty well. She is out of most stuff that said 3-6, but anything that is 6, she can still wear! And some of it looks baggy on her!

Overall Hannah has a great attitude and is definitely fun to be around and hang out with! She is very fun and loves to be tickled and laugh. She loves to dance around with you and jump!

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