Ok So I have majorly failed at blogging! This whole stay at home mom thing has been quite the adjustment!

I’ll update on Hannah first!

Month 2 – 



Weight: 10lb 11 oz

Height: 22.5in

Head: 15 in

So according to the numbers, this puts her in the 50th percentile. That is completely fine with me! I don’t mind her being ‘normal’!

Shots: The two month shots were not completely horrible. Ok maybe I did tear up, but I didn’t watch! I teared up when she screamed SO horribly!! poor baby! Thankfully my appt was right before lunch and they let me stay in the room and nurse her and calm her down before I left! What a blessing! After the shots she was not her normal for about 36-48 hours and needed quite a bit extra sleep and cuddling.

Reactions: Smiles are getting to be more common – especially in the morning! She wakes up as such a happy girl!



Eating: At two months she was doing good with the breast feeding. She did have some issues with overactive let down, but they are starting to work out more.

Me: At two months I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I started to do some light workouts, but nothing too crazy. Just trying to enjoy my time with my first little one!


Month 3! 


Weight: Maybe 11.5-12 pounds? Total guess. I have no real idea. She is getting bigger!

Reactions: Hannah smiles a LOT more and about a week before turning 3 months old she started ‘talking’. She will coo and make noises and just talk. Except she does it sometimes while eating.. But its really fun to listen to!

Sleep: She is still very consistent with sleeping and only getting up about once a night. Occasionally twice if she has and off day. She is consistent with about 5-6 hours and has hit 7 a couple of times!! Heaven!

Eating: We are doing pretty well! Pretty routine! She eats every 2-2.5 hours during the day. It varies a bit every day, but I just go with it. The let down issues have resolved and she has become much more of an efficient eater!

Misc: Poor girl had her first stomach virus a week after her 2 month appt. She seemed really fussy one day and wouldn’t eat much and then was up a couple times at night. I was feeding her at 5 am and for some reason needed to change her. I picked her up and then we sat down for her to eat more and she vomited ALL over me. Then it happened again about 8. Then more again. I took her temp under her arm and it was I think 100.7(adjusted). Not good for a 2 month old! Called the doc and they got her in for the afternoon. Fortunately the fever was gone by the afternoon and she didn’t have any ear infections or anything. This was a huge concern becuase I had a lot when I was an infant. A day or two of extra naps and she was fine!

Additionally we took a trip to the east coast to see my parents and my grandma who is sick. Wanted her to meet Hannah before she gets to bad and could have a good experience. I’m planning on doing a post about traveling, but overall it was a pretty good trip. It was good and sad to see grandma, and totally worth the trip!



Me: I am a pound or two below pre-pregnancy weight. I actually started back up on weight watchers. I need something to keep me accountable to eating good food and not junk! I am also back to doing some workouts. I am only getting a couple in a week, but they are quality! I picked up some new(used) weights at Play it Again Sports and that has been great for working out at home! I’ll workout during naptime or even just have Hannah in the swing or bouncer so she can watch me being healthy!

So far its fabulous being home and I am really trying to enjoy these early days! I know whenever the next kid comes along I won’t get to spend as much time with them!

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