Happy Friday! We made it through another week!

Sexy Arms 15 min Workout Metabolic Effect. Running On Eagles Wings

If you follow my Instagram I decided to change up my routine this week. I headed to the gym 3 days (normally 2)! I did Legs and HIIT cardio on Tuesday, ¬†Wednesday I did spin (!!) and Thursday I did back and some cardio. I felt good although a little tired!! I didn’t do well eating enough after the spin since it was much more of a workout!

Spin: I haven’t been a huge proponent of long duration cardio in a few years. I don’t think its something you should everyday, but one a week I think its a fabulous way to get a little extra push into your workouts. The longer duration can help with endurance and the extra burn. I’m hoping to add this once a week to my workouts! (*my opinions here!)

Secondly its been a happy Mail week! We got some presents for Teddy’s birthday next week!! And this package of amazing-ness!

Happy Mail - Lulujo, skip hop, clifbar, applecheeks

I bought the Applecheeks Diapers with my friend Emily and when she sent them to me she sent all these extras!! The Kids LOVE the lunch box, and the books! I love the lulujo blankets and can’t wait to use them!! This is pretty epic – but if you have a good friend that you talk to regularly – go buy them something small this weekend and MAIL it to them! old school style! Make someone smile!

Have a great weekend!

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