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Hospital bag!

So I had big plans to show this before Hannah was born, but that clearly didn’t happen! So now I can just post a preview/recap all in one! So here we go:

My Bag:



1. The BAG: My LLBean Boat & Tote Bag (similar to this). I got this idea from Katie.

2. Warm Slippers – very handy for walking around the hospital in the middle of the night!

3. Toiletries – toothbrush, hair brush, hair bands, shampoo, face wash and some simple face cleansing cloths (easy and awesome!) These are essential if you want to shower before leaving the hospital.

4. Clothes! I took some capri sweats, a couple tshirts, nursing tank & bra, socks, underwear, and a sweatshirt (not shown). Flip flops for the shower.

5. Electronics and cables!

6. Baby clothes and a blanket because you can’t take anything from the hospital. Two outfits (just in case!)

Not Pictured: I took a cooler bag with some granola bars, diet coke and a few other things. I think there was some nuun in there.

I also ended up throwing in a change of clothes for Hubby incase he wanted to shower at the hosptial and not run home.


SOOO What was useful & what was not!

Well the bag was awesome and a good size. I didn’t need much more.  The slippers were great to use! I ended up taking a bath at the hospital before leaving so I was glad to have all my toiletries.  Also very helpful to have something to look clean when people come to visit! The sweatshirt I threw in was a lifesaver as it was raining (go figure) when we left the hosptial! I didn’t use the flip flops and ended up wearing a different pair TO the hospital. HA! Hubby didn’t need his clothes because he came home to shower. I never pulled out my kindle or my point and shoot camera. However the BEST thing I had was my 10ft iPhone cable! This allowed me to have my phone constantly plugged in while in the bed and never have to worry about charging!! We thankfully only used one set of baby clothes! We didn’t change her until we were ready to come home. The rest of the time we left her in the hospital tee.

To be honest, I feel that simple is best. I mean you may have a longer stay if you have a C section but we were literally at the hospital for 36 hours?! It was not long and I was too hyped to do anything! Hubby and my friend C did have books and that was great for them when things were slow.

I had plans to take my own pillow, but I ended up not doing it. I dont know why, but the hosptial had me with about 4 pillows in the bed so it was really not that bad.

So did you over or under pack for the hosptial? 

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

Wow! Time flies! 9 months pregnant! Onto the 10th month that no one really tells you about! (all because of how they count the weeks!)

Not too much to update but definitely getting a bit bigger!


35 weeks.

Saw the doctor since I am going weekly now and he said that baby girl has moved ‘out’ a bit. Not a bad thing, shes just shifted her position.


Then we have 36 weeks! I think its about the same! I can’t really tell anymore!

So the usual updates on the hot topics!

Food: Nothing new here. I have days I’m not as hungry and days I’m starving. Its odd, but doing alright. No new cravings or aversions that I can recall!

Sleeping: This has been up and down. I had a few nights I was having major issues staying asleep, but then a few nights I have been sleeping more soundly. I’m very thankful for those nights! I am trying to get to bed a bit earlier and that is helping me get up earlier than 9am! Oops! But its all good! I am enjoying the rest!

Energy: Still going down a bit. I have pushed it a few days but this is definitely way down.

Exercise: Minimal. I ended up just being tired and chilling recently. Not much to report in the way of the Gym. Doing cleaning and other things – walking around stores etc is my exercise these days. Maybe I’ll get back to it, but I am not forcing it.

Baby Movement: She is still moving quite a bit! Getting lots of punches on my right hip bone and kicks and pushes up top!

Belly Button: pretty flat ish. I guess I have a strange belly button!

Wedding Rings: ON

Weight: up 2 more pounds – 1 pound/week which is healthy!

Countdown: 4 weeks or so?! who knows!!

Pregnancy Update: 34 weeks

Wow time is flying!! Already at 34 weeks! Less than 3 weeks to full term! My oh my how time flies!!

The last two weeks have been about the same! But here’s the picts!



33 weeks! The shirt might hide a bit, but definitely getting a good real bump!



Still hitting the gym! Definitely getting the looks these days there! I went I think 2-3 times each week the last couple weeks. Its about all I can manage right now. Definitely getting more tired! Last week I did a shoulders and legs workout. Then some cardio.



These pictures are fun to me! Just hanging out with the baby girl!



And onto 34 weeks! Boy oh boy! you can really see it better here! haha.

And just for fun, I did a comparison shot for you:



You tell me – Do you see a difference?? Maybe a little one??

Updates on the usual…

Food: This is getting harder. I can’t eat near as much at a time, and have to be really careful about eating before bed. The heartburn has gotten pretty bad a few times. One thing I have found is that protein shakes do really well.  They digest faster I guess and so don’t cause as many issues.  Not really any cravings for the most part!

Sleeping: This is maybe getting a little worse. It is harder to get to sleep sometimes (due to heartburn) but then I have been able to sleep only getting up 1 or 2 times a night. I have to admit that I have been sleeping in quite a bit – as in till like 9am! Sometimes I’m not getting to sleep until midnight and so to get about 8 hours of sleep, I end up sleeping until 9. Kind of an odd schedule but its working out.

Energy: This has definitely gone down hill. I do not have near as much energy – see also the sleep above! Also seen in not getting to the gym as much. If I do a lot one day, I really have to take it easy the next day. It has only been a bummer a few times, but I am trying to enjoy the relaxing time!

Baby Movement: This little girl might be some sort of soccer player! She is always kicking pretty hard. She has favored the right side for kicking. Definitely painful a few times!

Belly Button: Sill IN!

Wedding Rings: ON!

Weight: about 14-15 pounds. Doc said this last week that I am just fine and he’s not worried at all.

Countdown: 6 weeks. What?! That is no time at all! Crap! Gotta scram to get a few things done!! hehe.

Pregnancy Update: 32 weeks

Wow! Time seriously Flies! I am at 32 weeks and now going to the doc every 2 weeks! So insane in my mind how fast time flies! I know it will go faster when baby girl is here!



I will show you 31 first! Definitely starting to pop out! Its been a good few weeks. My pregnancy clothes definitely fit for real now! Not much else fits!



Last Saturday I met up with a bunch of local running girls and we went for a run/walk on Alki and then Nicole and I had to take a fun bump picture! (thanks for the pic!) She is about 2 weeks behind me! Kind of a big size difference I think!



With all the hot weather I decided I needed to get a few more things to make it through to the end. I picked up these great shorts at Target for $20 and then snagged a few of the last maternity tanks at Old navy for $9 each. Its hard when you have to almost buy all new clothes for just 2 months of wear!



And 32 weeks! Feeling pretty good! Enjoying the nice weather!

Now for the usual updates:

Food: Not too many cravings still. I still have an aversion to Chicken and Broccoli much to hubbys disappointment! However these days I pretty much get heartburn from about anything I eat. It makes eating not as fun to be honest.

Energy: I would say this comes and goes. Some days I feel pretty good and others I struggle to do much. But I am not worried about it to be honest. I am trying to truly enjoy my time at home and the relaxing!

Movement: This girl is active! She moves a lot! She has definitely been pushing a lot harder. Not gotten too much of the ribs etc yet that is ultra painful but its enough to make you be like “OH”. haha. But As weird as it is, its definitely fun!

BellyButton: Still sorta in/flat!

Weight: 13 pounds. Definitely gained 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks, but it was likely necessary. However the same jeans i’ve been wearing all along still fit. The doc says I am measuring perfectly. I am not worried!

Countdown: 8 weeks! What? seriously? dude.

Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks!

Wow time goes by SO fast!! This week is officially 30 weeks!

We’ll get started with this week’s picture and then recap some.



Definitely getting a lot bigger these days! Sorry for the sleepy picture. It was right before bed!

So to recap – back to 27 weeks – It was my next to last week at work. I still hit the gym:



As you can see not too bad! Still wearing my normal running shorts. The shirts are a bit harder to come by!

I tried to dress up a bit for work one day and it came out pretty cute!



Your typical work bathroom photo! However I see a lot of these around! This was the same day of my 27/28 week dr appt!

However that doctors appointment involved this:



The dreaded Glucose drink. Ok I followed the instructions. I drank it cold and someone told me to use a straw. Piece of cake. I chugged that whole bottle within 3 minutes (you have 5). It really wasn’t that bad. I also had to get a RhoGAM shot at this appt because I have -ve blood type. That puppy HURT. huge needle full of cold medicine. However good news is that I passed this with flying colors and also have normal Iron levels! All is good in baby girl world! (warning – as much sugar is in this thing it WILL give you quite the sugar crash a few hours later.)

The following week was my last week at work! You can read about my announcement here. I then headed home to VA to see my parents and have a baby shower! Here is the outfit I wore for the shower:



Definitely gotten bigger pretty quick here! Might be the dress too. Very comfy dress! I got it off Zulily!

And then the aftermath of having a baby shower in a different state is flying home with all the stuff (thanks frequent flyer status from work for free checked bags!) and having a pile that looks like this:



Yeah.. My first week at home involved sorting this mess and trying to make it into useful bins and condense it as much as possible! I feel successful about it now and its much more organized!

Coming back I had a lot more time and hit the gym a few times as well. Here is the 29 weeks:



Rockin out a fun new tank I found at Target which allows for the baby bump! I have really enjoyed spending more time at the gym lately!

Now for the random updates:

Food: No new cravings or anything. Been a bit hungrier lately so trying to make sure my intake is healthy!

Energy: I’m doing pretty well when I manage it properly. I have had a few days where I have seriously overdone the activity and pretty much pay for it the next day in just exhaustion. So I’m trying to balance things a bit better.

Movement: We have a gymnast on our hands. She loves to move around and push so far! She still has space so she is all over. The last few days the movement has really increased. its kind of strange!

Swelling: I had a bit when I went to VA because of the warmer temps and whatnot, but otherwise nothing to note. I am still wearing my rings!

Belly Button: innie/flat. It has not popped out yet. Looks quite strange but its still in-ish!

Weight: at the last appt for 28 weeks I have gained 9 pounds. I feel pretty good and don’t really notice the weight yet. Not feeling too off balance either.

Countdown: 10 weeks! eek! almost to single digits!

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