Today is 12-12-12!! I am a math nerd! These days are so fun! Most people I knew were running 12 miles or took pictures at 12:12 pm. I did neither. I was quite busy today. However during my busy day I came up with 12 of my favorite things!! Let’s get this party started!!

1. The Hubby.


2. My Bible. I have the NIV Study bible. I am on my second one. It is pure LOVE.


3. My North Face Denali Jacket (here). I LIVE in this. Seriously LIVE in it. it is beyond comfy and warm!


4. My Kindle. I have one of the old keyboard ones with 3G. (here) This thing is amazing. I take it everywhere. It is my favorite!


5. My UGG Boots. Yes I saved for like 3 months to get these. They however are the best shoes for cold winter days!!  Yes, I do wear these to the office and yes my boss compares me to his 16 yr old. Such is life right?!


6. iPhone 4S. No words needed!


7. My Camelbak bottles. Yes there are more than one! I LOVE these. Easy to drink from and you drink more than you expect!


8. My Kitchenaid Mixer. We were blessed to get one for our wedding. It saves my life and is probably my TOP kitchen item!


9. Starbucks. I live in Seattle. You do not not like starbucks here!!  It is almost a food group!


10. My SCOTT Running Shoes. Seriously some awesome shoes. I cannot wait for the new version to come out in January!! (more info Here)


11. Lululemon RunInspire Crops. These were a gift. However they are my absolute FaVoRiTe running crops! (these)


12. Peanut Butter M&Ms. chocolate + Peanut butter. No more words needed!


I hope you had a great 12-12-12! Are any of these items among your favorites??

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